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Transfer Policy

Students transferring from institutions that participate in the statewide numbering system may be awarded credit toward the program they are entering for any successfully completed course work that relates to their program. Students transferring into a program from an institution where the statewide course numbering system is not utilized will have their transcript evaluated for appropriate credit.

Students must provide an official transcript from a regionally accredited institution to be eligible for transfer student status. In all cases the George Stone Technical College will be the final authority on transfer credit. 


Transfer Between Programs

Students are encouraged to enroll in programs that best meet their individual career, interest, and educational goals. A student may transfer to another program before he/she reaches the accountability standard. Students are considered accountably enrolled once they reach 25% of the program's published hours. Students must have a guidance counselor's approval for all transfers. Any competency that is earned in one program and which is required in the program to which he/she is transferring may be awarded as transfer credit upon evaluation by instructor.


Transfer Within Program

Transfers within the program (full-time to part-time, part-time to full-time, day to evening, evening to day) should be made between semesters, provided space is available. Students will be permitted one transfer request per school year to occur during the semester, provided space is available.