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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment and/or Sexual Assault Reporting and Action Procedures

  • The School District Policy regarding sexual harassment and/or sexual assault is posted on bulletin boards in George Stone Technical College facilities. Harassment by anyone will not be tolerated in the workplace or the school setting.
  • Sexual harassment complaints will be reported to George Stone administration or through the Human Resources Department by telephone or in person and a written notification will follow.
  • George Stone authorities and/or the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources will be responsible for the investigation of all harassment complaints.
  • The investigation may be done by school personnel, human resources personnel, risk management personnel, or others, depending upon the circumstances of the case.
  • If the harassment involves a student, the method of reporting may be to the immediate supervisor, the next in line of supervision, or directly to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources.
  • Each case will be investigated thoroughly and if harassment did occur, appropriate action will be taken.
  • The results of investigations will be made in a detailed report to the Superintendent.