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Dress Code

Refer to Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for complete listing

Pants, trousers, skirts and shorts must be properly fastened so that they do not expose body parts. Pant hems shall not extend beyond the heel of the shoe. The hem or slit of skirts, shorts, or dresses shall be worn no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee.

Shirts, T-shirts and blouses shall be of appropriate size and length to cover the waistband while sitting or standing. Long T-shirts are not permitted.

Caps, hats, hoods, and other head coverings shall not be worn in the buildings.


Prohibited Items

Bookbags or large handbags.

Footwear that is dangerous or hazardous such as bedroom slippers, cleats, or high heels.

Clothing that exposes private body areas including cleavage, groin, buttocks, navel, or midriff, including sheer clothing.

Disruptive, offensive, sexually suggestive, indecent, dangerous or gang-related clothing, jewelry, buttons, tattoos, markings, or other attire.

Undergarments and/or pajamas worn as outer clothing.



Exceptions will be made for religious or medical purposes.