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Michael Simmons - Director



Cliff Lyster  - Criminal Justice Coordinator



John Sloan - Corrections Coordinator



Gena Godwin - Criminal Justice Secretary 


Criminal Justice

George Stone Technical College

Criminal Justice Training Center

2400 Longleaf Drive | Pensacola, Florida 32526-8922

Phone:(850) 941-6200 x2152 | Fax: (850) 941-6217



1989: The Law Enforcement Academy had been at Pensacola Junior College for 20 years. The Corrections Academy had been there for 9 years. So, when discussion arose for the possible relocation of the schools, the Escambia County, Florida School District showed an interest. 

The advantage to moving, they argued was that the two academies would fit nicely into the already existing education programs that prepare people for the workforce. As has been said many times, college is not for everyone. Many people prefer to work with their hands, and many do, making a good living. Professions such as welding, auto body, cosmetology, and culinary arts make for great careers. As EMS and Fire studies, do, Law Enforcement and Corrections fit well into the education for the workforce. After much discussion, the decision to move the training center was complete. It had found a new home. 

In 1996, in an effort to ensure uniformity in the operation of jails across the state, the Florida Sheriff’s Association County Administrators committee created the “Florida Model Jail Standards” to replace the old jail bible, Section 33-8. The new training changed the Corrections curriculum.


They began on Monday, July 17, 1989 with Number 1. Each academy, Law Enforcement and Corrections, started numbering their classes. Some of the people in Law Enforcement Academy #1 were: Dawn Youngs Burke, Tommi Lyter, Richard Bailly, Mike Glass, Walter Davis and Greg Stone. One of the students in Corrections Academy #1 was Tony Jordan. All of these officers made a huge impact on the criminal justice community for the next 30+ years.



A huge responsibility at the Criminal Justice Training Center is the position of director. The director must stay current on the changes and trends in the profession, while working to provide the area agencies with the needs that constantly come up. When the training center arrived at its new location, Woody Pentecost served as the director. Succeeding Woody was John Wall, followed by Greg Moody.  


In addition to the Law Enforcement Academy and the Corrections Academy, the George Stone Criminal Justice Academy provides Crossover Academies for those Corrections Officers who desire to cross over to Law Enforcement and those Law Enforcement Officers who wish to become Corrections Officers.


Also offered on an as-needed basis are advanced, specialized and instructor classes that cover many topics. Existing   officers take these classes to improve their knowledge, sharpen their skills or learn to instruct other officers in various areas of the criminal justice system.


In 2022, a new phase was added. In response to the numerous requests for returning, retired and out-of-state officers wanting to enter back into the profession, an Equivalency of Training program was begun. This program was created and developed by retired Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Captain Mary Sumner. 


Today, the George Stone Criminal Justice Training Center several hundred continues to produce some of the best Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers in the State of Florida.