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Student Behavior Guidelines


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a Federal law, requires that GSTC, with certain exceptions, obtain your written consent prior to disclosure of personally identifiable information from your education records. However, GSTC may disclose appropriately designated "directory information" without written consent, unless you have advised GSTC to the contrary. The primary purpose of directory information is to allow GSTC to include this type of information from your education records in certain school publication. Examples include:

  • honor roll or other recognition lists
  • graduation programs
  • school website

Dress Code

It is imperative that students be dress appropriately for their area of instruction. As a guide, students should come dressed in business appropriate attire. In case of conflict between what is acceptable on the job and what is acceptable on campus, students should be guided by their instructor's standard.




Possession of a weapon by a student is prohibited. Any student, while on school grounds or facilities, on a school bus, or a at a school-sponsored function, found to be in possession or responsible for a weapon being present as indicated above, may be expelled and result in criminal penalties being imposed. Weapons shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Knives - any kind of knife, including but not limited to pen, switchblade, or hunting knife.
  • Chains - any chain, not being used for the purpose for which it is normally intended, capable of harm.
  • Pipe - Any length of metal not being used for the purpose which it is normally intended.
  • Razor blades of any kind or similar instruments with a sharp cutting edge.
  • Ice picks, dirks, other pointed instruments.
  • Numchucks, brass knuckles, chinese stars, billy clubs.
  • Tear gas gun (chemical weapon or device/ Mace).
  • Electrical weapon or device (stun gun).
  • Any other weapon defined in Florida Statute 790.001.
  • Any instrument (or object) deliberately used or intended for use to inflict harm upon another person or sued to intimidate any person.


Safety Rules

Shop and laboratory programs are structured around academic standards, policies, rules, and regulations, which provide for effective and efficient administration and operation of the educational process. Safety rules and regulations are also a necessary aspect of technical structure to ensure an accident-free environment for individuals who are assigned to those areas identified as shops or laboratories. A safety manual is available in every shop and classroom. Students are required to pass a safety test before operating any power equipment. Failure to follow standard safety rules, including not wearing safety glasses, may result in withdrawal from George Stone Technical College. Safety violations will result in the following disciplinary actions: 1st Offence - Referral written and sent to Guidance; 2nd Offense -  Referral written and sent home; 3rd Offense - Withdrawn from program. For specifics on Safety Rules, see program instructor.



Students caught plagiarizing and/or cheating will be removed from their program and not allowed to re-enter until the following school year. 



A section of the upper level front parking lot is reserved for visitors. GSTC students are not to park in front of Building 1, Administrative Building. The spaces in front of Cosmetology are reserved for Cosmetology patrons. Red spaces are reserved for West Florida High School Seniors.

Traffic should conform to all safety laws. The speed limit on school grounds is 10 miles per hour. For security purposes, students arriving at George Stone Technical Center must exit the parking areas immediately and go to their class.


Cellular Devices

The use of cell phones during the instructional period is permitted only when the teacher allows such use. Cell phones must be placed on silent or vibrate during that time period. Failure to comply with the teacher's instruction regarding the use of cell phones during instructional time may result in disciplinary actions.


Electronic Devices

Please leave all electronic items, excluding cell phones, in the car.



With the exception of service animals, pets are prohibited from George Stone Technical College.


Waiting Area

For students who may be delayed in leaving the campus at the end of the day, the administrative/student services lobby in Building 1 is the designated waiting area. A student must be off campus within 10 minutes of class dismissal. Students who are still on campus longer than 10 minutes after dismissal of class can be removed from campus and withdrawn from their program. Loitering is not tolerated. 


Clean Campus/ Smoking Policy

The staff at George Stone Technical College is very proud of its clean campus. It is expected that all persons who attend George Stone will help the staff keep the campus clean and safe. Please place all trash in trash cans. GSTC is a smoke-free facility; no smoking is allowed on campus. GSTC students may smoke in their private vehicle, and/or outside the school gate located on the east side of campus (Wymart Road).



In any life-threatening or extreme emergency, dial 911 immediately.The student should report accidents to the teacher as soon as possible. In the case of serious injury, the teacher will notify an administrator immediately.The teacher will complete a Student Accident Report form as soon as possible and submit to an administrator.